Get invited to LOCKERZ

August 29, 2009

(Don’t mind the date ^^, we still send out invites).

Hi everyone,

You are probably wondering how to win some extra gifts for yourself, and you have probably heard of Lockerz. Lockerz is a revolutionary website, which pays you to watch exclusive videos, login, answer daily questions, shop, connect with friends and much more. Basically, you get rewarded for every activity you do on this web site.

“One other thing you’ll love about Lockerz are PTZ (or “Pointz”). PTZ are Lockerz’ “currency” that you earn whenever you buy, watch, play, share, invite friends, or even just show up on Lockerz. Redeem PTZ at the PTZ Place for incredible prizes, great products and dream experiences.” – Lockerz

That means that you can earn PTZ (site currency, points) for watching videos, posting to daily questions, shopping at the cheapest prices, logging on to your account, referring people etc.

Another great thing about Lockerz is that you can become a VIP, a.k.a. Z-Lister. You become a VIP by referring 20 people, which is really easy because many people are interested in joining Lockerz. Once you join the Z-List, you will get double-points FOR EVERY ACTIVITY on the site. The best thing about becoming a Z-Lister is that once you gain the title, YOU WILL GET A FREE PRIZE (unannounced yet).



1. How do I earn PTZ?
– You can earn PTZ everytime you log-in, answer a daily question, watch a video, shop, connect with friends etc.

2. How much PTZ do each give me?
– Logging in gives you 2 PTZ (4 PTZ for VIPs), answering a daily question gives you 2 PTZ + 4 PTZ for two extra questions, that’s 6 PTZ (12 PTZ for VIPs, aka Z-Listers), videos give you 2 PTZ (4 PTZ for Z-Listers, although sometimes Lockerz might reward you with 12 PTZ for a video!) etc.

3. How much do prizes cost?
– It totally depends, for instance a PSP is only 800 PTZ!!! Cool, eh?

However, you cannot just click sign-up to join, but you have to be INVITED to it by a member. I can invite you anytime if you want me to. Just leave your email on a comment below this post and I will send you the invite in maximum 24 hours but usually much faster!

You can also watch this video, to get familiar with the website.

You don’t believe that Lockerz actually sends out gifts?! Click here for the proof!

Note: This site is not owned by Lockerz™ or anyone else working for it. is entirely ran by a Lockerz fan.